Solución empresarial de diagnóstico en materia de igualdad

Equality, a boost in the corporate purpose

iQAL is a solution that provides the company with a real diagnosis on equality compliance.


Find out how your employees view equality policies and the degree of compliance in your company.


Analyzes the degree of compliance in terms of equality and offers you an added module to know the equal pay in your company.

Diagnostic report

iQAL provides a report of risks and opportunities that reflects the situation of your company in terms of equality in a graphic and simple way.

The purpose of iQAL is to provide an analysis and diagnosis of your company on equality.

The company will be able to know its situation in terms of equality, analyzing the risks and opportunities so that it can promote its Equality Plan.

Why a diagnosis is necessary

It helps to carry out the equality diagnosis required by the legislation to elaborate the Equality Plan in the company.

It establishes a roadmap to identify and prioritize areas for improvement in order to achieve the equality objective that has been set.

Graphically analyzes the results of employees, managers and HR.

We want to help companies lay the foundations for the development of their equality plan.

We analyze areas for improvement and facilitate the adoption of measures that favor the attraction, loyalty and motivation of talent in the company.


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